• Product introduction

    We introduce some items received from Kotryama's online store.


    It was cute and finished, cute! I entered plenty of coffee. It is a nice feeling of work. This mug is the one before the design adjustment, and what is being sold is printed a little downward.


    It has a firm thickness and is easy to peel. It will be able to fit in the car or outdoors. There is a punching process, you can peel off in the form of a seal.

    iPhone case

    The print is beautiful. I am relieved that the material is solid.

    The surface was reflected in lacquer-like texture due to light reflection, but it is a bit brighter black.


    It is like this when you wear it. The size is M, the model is a 157 cm woman. Comfort is perfect. Being more cute than expected, I thought that I would like to increase the type in the future.

    If you have a hope that such goods are wanted, please do not hesitate to contact us.