Privacy policy

"Privacy policy" constitutes a part of the End User License Agreement applicable to users in using this service on applications and web sites operated by Kotoriyama KK (the "Company"), It applies when a person uses this service. In addition, personal information acquired from users in this service will be managed according to this Privacy policy. Companies that provide information or services through this service do not apply to personal information acquired from users. Also, it does not apply to people other than users of this service.

  1. About personal information collection and information to be provided
  2. About the use of collected personal information
  3. About third-party offer
  4. With or without information collection module
  5. About updating "Privacy policy"

Definition of personal information

Personal information means information (name, address, telephone number, email address, gender, date of birth etc.) that individuals can directly be identified thereby and information belonging to the individual (usage history, usage fee, hobby preference, interest A certain field etc.). In addition, personal information acquired on this service shall be kept secret at the level equivalent to our business confidential information. In addition to this, we will treat similar information about information that can be personal information by combining it, even if it can not directly identify individuals by itself.

1. About the information you provide

All personal information collected by this service will be administered and managed by the company. The personal information that we have deposited with this service is saved in whole or in part by a management company such as a server that is outsourced from our company.

① Terminal model information

② OS version information

③ Usage history of this application

* In addition to this, there are items to be input by form input and e-mail reply when receiving support. About these, we will use it exclusively for the purpose of providing support and will not do external sending, offering by third party etc.

2. About the use of collected personal information

All information such as information to be declared when making inquiries to our company in this service, personal information gathered by us will be used only for the service provided by our company. Personal information retained by this service will never be sent and used in other databases etc. of other services owned by the Company other than the server of this service. In addition, we will never share or combine with other information such as personal information registered in our separately managed service, we keep with our company.

The purpose of use of our personal information is as follows and we will not use it for other uses.

(A) To respond to disputes, litigation, etc.

(A) In order to provide after-sales service such as customer support

(C) Trends related to the use of this service, grasping defects, etc. For gathering supplementary information (information that is individually specified is not included)

(D) Because of cooperation with other services and applications (Personally identifiable information is not included)

※ When linking with other services and applications, posting cooperation services, application management company and other detailed information beforehand before using, you will be required to agree on the user's agreement and conduct cooperative procedures.

We will discard personal information collected when it is deemed unnecessary rationally in light of the management of usual business by the Company.

3. About third-party offer

Unless we are outsourcing services, responses or other requests from our company to third party companies etc from the Company all or part of our correspondence requested by the information provider, we will collect personal information We will not disclose to third parties. However, if there is a request from an organization authorized by a court, a police, a tax office, a consumer center, other laws or ordinances, etc., in accordance with this, we will be able to disclose information without your permission We are located. In the case of our company's outsourcing, we disclose information only within the scope necessary for achieving the objectives, strictly examine the handling of personal information about outsourcing parties, and separately hold a confidentiality agreement on personal information We make a contract after tying it and obliging us to deal with the same kind of handling as our company.

4. Whether or not there is an information gathering module

We use the information collection module "Firebase" "Google Analytics". In order to improve the product, we collect usage history of the application.


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Privacy policy

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Privacy policy

5. About updating "Privacy policy"

Unlike the terms of use of this service, this "Privacy policy" is not intended to obtain consent from users, but to disclose the handling of our company's personal information and its attitude towards it. We may improve / revise the contents of "Privacy policy" due to amendment of law, change of our company's business, user's request etc. In this case, we announce the revised contents beforehand to the user in an easily understandable form, change it to new contents with a grace period for a certain period of time.

Please contact us for inquiries about our company's personal information handling.