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Kitten Little Stars

A friendly and warm Kizuna story series of kittens that were born on the stars night. A yellow cat's Lemo and his family, friends' Kuro and Shiro appear.











Summer Adventure

Kittens comes to sea on summer holiday. they get a excited. Suddenly, a giant wave come and Kuro get swept out to sea…!

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Warm winter holidays

Cute little kitten spend warming winter! The winter holiday sticker for Christmas and New Year's greeting.

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Kuro's journey

* From Chibenko, stickers that are easy to use for traveling and homecoming appear. * Closer living in the distance came overnight. Pigs and chickens in dance for tea. And the time of farewell comes ...

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Spring garden party

The four Chibekenko brothers came to a field full of spring flowers. When I go home, I will sow seeds and become a garden full of flowers?

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Everyday kittens

Friendly four brothers the Kitten Little Stars warmly every day. They live with moms, dads, pet mice.

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Winter kittens

It's a sticker of kittens that enjoys winter events. Birthday party, Valentine, Christmas.

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Booth Shop

We have mugs and handbook type smart case. There is a store manager.

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Suzuri Shop

It is a collectible goods shop full of T - shirts and smartphone cases. There is a manager of Yamenko.

Suzuri Shop <External link>