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- * Google Play Organized Indie Games Festival JP 2018 TOP 10 Winning Work *


Hey AI, I want to know the truth.


You will be the AI ​​of the smartphone. The first thing to notice is a certain magical law in this world. That means that the word "Shiri" has fallen out of people's memory.


  • Let's unravel Kotoba with "Shiri" attached.
  • Er ... In addition to the correct answer, there is a hidden "back Shiri word"? Let's collect and complete the dictionary.
  • Experience the story that makes my heart hot in "Serious".


The stage is just a little further ahead. Hiroto of the hero has come to a new town due to his father 's relocation. The words I wanted to "want to know" will change the fate of him and the surrounding people.


  • When you play this work, your head will be filled with "Shiri".



-Operating environment

  • iOS
  • Android

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2048 x 2048


1575 x 787